Choir Director:
Melby Abraham

St Thomas Mar Thoma Church choir is an official body of the church which is registered with the Department of Sacred Music and Communication (DSMC) of Mar Thoma Sabha. The choir provides the leadership in worship by helping the congregation to sing together and experience the presence of God. As laid down by DSMC in its principles, leading the congregation in hymns and worship is absolutely essential for worship since praise is much desired by God and this duty is done by the choir in every worship not only on Sundays but also during Passion week and special celebrations in Easter and Christmas seasons.
The choir members attend practice sessions on regular basis with much understanding that music for worship is not for entertainment but musicians are ministers of God. There are 16 members in the choir at present and voice tests are held occasionally as per the needs of the choir and the church. The selection into the choir is according to the guidelines of DSMC. Please contact Melby Abraham or the Vicar if you are interested to be part of this ministry.

Practices are held every Sunday at 8:30am and after service for the following week.

Sunday School

Sheline Varghese

The Sunday School is directly under the guidance of Diocese of North America and Europe which is affiliated to Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church.
Sunday School classes are led by a group of very dedicated teachers. Our Sunday School is following the curriculum developed and published by the Mar Thoma Sunday School Diocese Council of North America and Europe and supplemental studies from the book,

The Mar Thoma Church: Foundation and Vision.
St. Thomas Marthoma Church is part of the South West Region of the Mar Thoma Diocese of North America and Europe. Currently, our Sunday school has students in classes from Nursery through Grade 10, and classes are held every Sunday VIRTUAL from 1PM to 2PM. Our kids motivate us to be better everyday and ask for more.
Please continue to pray for our church and Sunday School. For more details visit here

Edavaka Mission


C.M. Varghese

It was the foreseen vision of His grace the Late Abraham Mar Thoma Metropolitan that "Every Marthomite is an evangelist". The Marthoma Voluntary Evangelists Association (MTVEA) was formed in 1924. Parish mission or Edavaka Mission is the local chapter of Marthoma Voluntary Evangelistic Association. The main objective of the Edavaka Mission is to enable every parish member to accept Jesus Christ as their savior and to be fruitful as a Christian wherever they are. 
The St. Thomas Marthoma Church Edavaka Mission is hoping to engage the parishioners every year with the refreshing gospel of our Lord. The Edavaka Mission meetings are structured in a way that more importance is given for intercessory prayer, bible study and to share the testimony. Other planned programmes are house visits, keeping a prayer diary, organizing pariah convention etc. 

Sevika Sanghom


Sheeba Mathew

The Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sangham the women's wing, was inaugurated during the Maramon Convention in the year 1919, under the leadership of our Metropolitan Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan, who gave the Sangham support and inspiration. Every women of the Mar Thoma Church above the age of 18 years is a member of the Sevika Sangham. The Vicar of the parish is the President of the branch Sevika Sanghom, who gives guidence and support to the activities. 
The aims of the Sevika Sangham are:
• To make the women of the parish interact in love and friendship with one another and promote Christian fellowship.
• To help in the work of the parish, church in the wider society.
• In initiating the above two, it is hoped that all the members will inculcate a spiritual dimension, leadership qualities and a feeling of social responsibility.
Since its inception , the women whole-heartedly participated in the different activities and organisations of the church. The Sevika Sangham meetings are held every month for prayer and Bible Study.

Senior Citizen Fellowship


C.M Mathew

It’s a fellowship of senior members, above the age of 60, of the church. The senior citizen fellowship was formed for fellowship, to share experiences, entertainments and to make active the senior members in the church.Seniors meet for cottage prayer at the residences of individual members. During these meetings our members actively participate in intercessory prayer, devotional messages and discuss social issues such as memory loss, health management, living will, estate management, etc.